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Oil of Oregano Carvacrol

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Oil of oregano carvacrol is researched to determine the best quality oregano oil. Carvacrol is one of the critical phenol components of oil of oregano. The second most important component of oil of oregano oil is thymol. Oregano oil is best if, the ratio of carvacrol and thymol are true nature made and not man orchestrated. There is a widespread belief that the best oil of oregano is the one with the highest levels of carvacrol. This is misleading but the truth of high carvacrol levels are easily understood.


Oil of oregano has been found to have phenomenal health benefits. Oregano oil is one of the most expensive essential oils to produce, due to wild grown, high altitude, seasonal harvests of low oil producing plants. The highest levels of carvacrol are found in grown at in oregano oil plants in the spring. The later in the year that oregano plants are harvested, the lower amounts of carvacrol can be extracted from them. Carvacrol is found naturally as high as 65-85% in the Spring and as low as 30-35 percent in the Fall. The oil of oregano that has the highest natural amounts of carvacrol are the most expensive. Unfortunately money has a way of causing fraud and fakes to materialize even in the essential oil business.

To unscrupulously enrich oregano oil with carvacrol is accomplished in three ways. First at the time of distillation, synthetic carvacrol*** is added to the water and may not even be detected by Gas Chromatography tests. Second method is to “boil off” other components of the oil of oregano so the carvacrol percentage appear higher, and the last method is the most common method that hides the greatest infraction, longer distillation periods at higher temperatures yield more carvacrol but in essence destroys the therapeutic values of the “adulterated oil” (sometimes called “standardized” oil). These manipulated oils have been shown less than half as effective as properly extracted, all natural oregano oil! The synergistic combination of all of the naturally occurring chemicals in a natural ratio that nature provided is the only way to enjoy the full benefits of oil of oregano.

*** synthetic carvacrol is poison and has toxic and even deadly effects when ingested.

Oil of oregano carvacrol ratio has little influence when considering diluted oil of oregano. Few merchants sell oregano oil as 100% pure oil of oregano Origanum compactum. The oregano oil venders sell a diluted oregano oil that has a mixture of olive oil, coconut oil or other “carrier” oils that are very inexpensive and ready to be applied to your skin. Although oil of oregano needs to be diluted on bare skin, it can be used full strength on the soles of your feet and palms of your hands. It is far less expensive to buy 100% pure oil of oregano Origanum compactum than to buy diluted oregano oil. Do not buy diluted oil of oregano.

How to buy Oil of oregano:

    • Look for all Natural carvacrol levels of 65% and above
    • Look for thymol level at 5% and below
    • Ask for the month harvested
    • Only buy undiluted 100% pure oil of oregano Origanum compactum
    • Buy only Additive-free?
    • Must be Free of solvents
    • Non-irradiated
    • 100% natural
    • Must be free of any pesticides or chemical residues
    • Ask for a copy of the certificate of analysis
    • Buy low temperature distilled oregano oil
    • Only buy from a supplier that has a Satisfaction Guarantee
    Try oil of oregano soap

Buy oil of oregano from Origanum compactum with high natural carvacrol levels.

Oil of Oregano
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